Why Brussels

Why Brussels?

Many people may ask why Brussels is the perfect place to reunite all the greatest European confederations and many may also ask why our first big meeting of the year is hosted each year in this same place.

Belgium was chosen as the head office of JADE once it gathered in just one city all the biggest institutions of the European Union, such as the European Commission and the European Parliament. The city is strategically defined for helping JADE to manage to interact with these important organizations, as with some of our main partners.  The major event carried out by JADE is the annual Congress for Junior Entrepreneurs: JADE Spring Meeting. This event happens usually in the beginning of March and it is the only event that is realized only by  JADE Headquarters. This year, from 5th-8th March, the “capital of Europe” will be one more time taken for discovery by the hearts of hundreds of Junior Entrepreneurs.

The city to be in

You are probably asking yourself “What can I visit in Brussels?”. Brussels is an amazing location; beyond the outstanding waffles, beers and French fries, the Belgium city also offers many kinds of cultural activities such as the Museum of Fine Arts, The Royal Museum of Art and History and the Atomium. The “heart of Europe” is not only a strategic place due the European Commission and the European Parliament; the city is also known by its outstanding museums and beautiful buildings. One of the prettiest places in Brussels is the Grand Place or Grote Markt, (how it is called in Flamish). The square has two main buildings, the city’s Town Hall, and the Breadhouse or Maison du Roi, which contains the Museum of the City of Brussels. If you arrive in Brussels, the first thing you should do is to go to Grand Place, where you can find the best waffles in town .

Legends of Brussels

History is everywhere we go, and in Grand Place is the same. The Breadhouse carries a lot of memories, one of them is about the beginning of its creation. It is known that the building was made to be the home of the Royal Family, the King contracted a builder to make the most beautiful castle of Europe, as the time pass by, the builder just managed to make half of the building before he died. To finish his great palace, the King asked another builder to finish the construction. In some months, the castle was ready, the King stood in the middle of Grand Place to admire his new home, but when he looked up, he realized the two halves were complete different from each other. Devastated, the King went to the upper tower of the Castle and decided to kill himself.

Brussels is one of the most international cities in Europe, not only for being territorially in the middle of Europe. It also hosts the most important meetings of the European Union.

Brussels is  the perfect city to host  JADE Spring Meeting. You hope to see you all here in March to enjoy the cities beauties with us and to learn much more about the Junior Enterprise movement.

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