What partners say about JADE Spring Meeting 2015

Key figures based on the post-event satisfaction survey:


01_stefan_kJADE is a great and inspiring team of young and visionary entrepreneurs with a tremendous willingness to go beyond given borders, request the status quo and think out of the box. In other words: “The future of Europe”

Stefan Koch, Bayer MaterialScience

09_janos_vIt is great to meet similar people from different countries and cultures thinking about entrepreneurship alike and doing good things for the future of them and for their countries.

Janos Vecsenyi, European Forum for Entrepreneurship Research

Florian IwinjakThe United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is supporting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirit around the world. We link education systems with labour markets and build skills for productive activities and needed in industries. Amongst other things we have supported more than 3 million students through Entrepreneurship Curriculum Development (ECD) programmes and thousands of SMEs worldwide to improve their management and performance. The JADE Spring Meeting provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the challenges linked to entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond. Let’s work together to unfold the great potential of young people to contribute to prosperity and sustainability in our societies!

Florian Peter Iwinjak, UNIDO

SCHAUJADE must be commended for setting up a unique platform of motivated Junior Entrepreneurs throughout Europe and beyond and instilling values-based leadership in them. JADE makes a significant contribution to the creation of jobs through its effective proomotion of entrepreneurship and friendly attitude to business and private initiative.

Daniel Schaubacher, Representative of EBBF www.ebbf.org – ethical business building the future with members in + 50 countries

15_maria_lJADE is a fresh and active network that all should follow. They always try to think of new ideas to help Young Entrepreneurs. I was invited to deliver a workshop on Networking but I also had the chance to join to other sessions. The staff was really friendly and efficient. It was a great opportunity to attend Jade Spring Meeting 2015 and I am looking forward for the next one!

Maria Logotheti, YES

15_olga_kJSM15 was the first JADE event I’ve attended. Since I was also a member of ESN Zagreb, it is not the first event of this kind I attended. However, even though it is hard for me to admit that, JADE event was much better organized, it was simply on a higher level. The staff on the meeting were amazing. You were helpful, calm, and had an answer to every question. I was honored to be a part of that. Olga Klinger from YES.

Olga Klinger, YES

14_simone_pIt was great to participate at JADE Spring Meeting 2015. It has been a source of inspiration to meet so many young entrepreneurs with interesting projects!

Simone Casadei Pastorino, Penrose CDB

AliceThank you. It was a great event. The excitment, commitment and engagement those young European entrepreneurs are showing should inspire most of us.

Alice Vandekerkhove, Programme Manager at Ent-Ex

Steven PriceThis was the best JADE Spring Meeting I have attended (and I’ve attended them all since 2007). This team appears to have learned all the important lessons from previous years and repeated, or developed, most of the successes. Given the number of set-backs they encountered, through no fault of their own, this was an immense achievement the whole team should be proud of. (P.S. Loved the videos!!!)

Steven, CEO of EIIL

03_andras_bImpressive initiative, very well organized, and I particularly loved the proactivity of the young entrepreneurs. Europe needs tens of thousands of young (wo)men like them!

Andras Baneth (andras@baneth.eu)

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