Testimonial – Westminster Business Consultant – “We Came, We Saw, We Conquered”

The mission was simple – “The Year WBC to make a statement that we are here to work with JADE & Our respective partners”

Exactly a week ago, Westminster Business Consultant (WBC UK) had entered Belgium (Brussels) with 18 consultants to participate in the coveted Annual Jade Spring Meeting.

2014-2015 has been a strong year for WBC, working and thriving to achieve the best results and exceed expectations to assist as well as further the Junior Enterprise Movement both Domestically & Internationally.

We Came to JSM to share our belief and knowledge, but more importantly engage with our respective partners, to show our Consultants the true meaning of this great movement. We Came to represent the United Kingdom & Our 20,000 strong University of Westminster Westminster Business School – University of Westminster Students of which we did.

We Saw the movement, we saw our respective partners, winning those coveted Awards, A big congratulations and praises to Junior Isit Marketing Méditerranée Jeme Bocconi who won the award. Our biggest and most sincerest Thanks & Gratitude to ICONS Consulting by Student for pushing and creating a healthy competition in JSM 2015 award.

We conquered, WBC did not conquer JSM through fighting, but through our smile, our selfie stick and pictures, networking with potential partners from all the JE Nations being represented. We have a Open Door Policy to all our partners but to all the Junior Entrepreneur who attented there to meet us as well as work with us on projects. Whenever you are in London just contact us and will be more than happy to be there for you smile emoticon

Successes of WBC in JSM 2015:

(1) Shortlisted & Winning the Coveted Microsoft Award for being the “Most International Junior Enterprise 2015”. For not only having an international team but also working on 2 international projects. One with Grameen Bank (Dr Muhammad Yunus) & Second with Caritas Jinja/Vatican City.

(2) Signing Terms & Conditions – WBC Family with JADE Italia to share best practice and knowledge. To make our movement stronger, to learn and enhance and enrich both our consultants. ‪#‎LaFamiglia‬ Signing the contract with Daniela Runchi & Alberto Girelli.

(3) WBC hosting both the first ever Workshop as well as the first ever Investment Banking/ Finance Workshop in Partnership with McKinsey & Co. We hope it was invigorating and that it was something fresh and new.

(4) Asking rather invigorating question on the opening Ceremony to both Microsoft, EY, Bayer & UNIDO. Networking with respective individuals as well as being quoted by the Chief of UNIDO on how WBC have been striving really touched us.

(5) The most important of all – conquering our respective JEs heart and mind, networking and talking as well as hopefully putting a smile on all your faces. We hope that our company was something you enjoyed as we thoroughly enjoyed yours. We hope that we can now take this further and create a stronger bond for this year and for the next.

It has been a strong year indeed, as a Managing Director of 50 Consultants, 7 Commerical Partners, 10 International Partners, 15 Projects both Domestically & Internationally has been done effectively because of my Management, My Senior Consultant and Junior Consultant – without you I am nothing!

I would like to thank the following group of people for making JSM 2015 a great year for all WBC members and our JE movement in Europe. Jade Headquarters & all the respective

To Andra Grm Rety L. Lubala Titus Chirila who worked on the International Project as well as everyone else who worked day and night to ensure we did a fantastic presentation.

To all the consultant who went to JSM 2015, making both WBC as well as Our University proud – Oana Damian Teona Kulpinsky Carole MercıerCostanza Rivarossa Anastasija Bikovska Memona Younis Fahrah AhmadAli Survery Fareeha Khan Razvan Brailescu Madalina Andreea Nan

I can not Thank enough everyone that has made this year a fantastic year.

One person who I would like to Thank is Alex M-j. International Manager of WBC UK who has worked tirelessly, giving up his time for WBC. Developing International partnerships and helping all our partners. Without him we would have never won the award, without him WBC would not be in the International Spectrum as it has been.

There are not enough words to Thank him as the MD but WBC as a whole. Your services will not be forgotten and what you have done. Because of you we won the award and because of you we are where are now. But this Thanks goes to all our Previous International Managers who have put us here.

It has been a great year for WBC and we hope we have made our WBC Alumni’s , Jade ExBo as well as all our International partners proud.

Kindest of Regards,

Mohammed Rahman (WBC Managing Director – 2014 – 2015)

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