Testimonial – Junior MIAGE Concept

Hi Everyone, I’m Steven from France and I work for the first year at Junior MIAGE Concept as International Manager. When I was young, I got the opportunity to travel a lot thanks to my parent and step by step, travel after travel it became a real passion for me. Discover new work method, new culture, or simply have a moment of sharing became really quickly my first motivation and I’m really enjoyed by the idea of putting my motivation into the Junior-Enterprise.

This year I’ve started my diploma in the school of MIAGE at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis which is a mix of IT and Management courses. When I heard that they got a Junior-Enterprise, I immediately apply to be in! And it was not a mistake! After four months of Recruitment session, after an extensive training on how a Junior-Enterprise work we had to apply for a position and since the beginning I wanted to be the next International Manager. And finally here I am!

I think that each country have to face a different crisis and I also think that we have to collaborate between different countries to deal with it. Last week thanks to JADE we got the opportunity to meet a lot of Junior-Entrepreneurs during JADE Spring Meeting. It was my first international event and for sure not the last one! The organization was really great and I don’t even talk about how great were the workshops! During this event we talk with awesome people from different countries and learn a lot about them, about how they work and we even got the chance to talk about partnership with different Junior-Enterprises.

As my last words I would like to give a few thanks. Thanks to my Junior-Enterprise Junior MIAGE Concept cause it’s thanks to it that I was at this event, Thanks to JADE for promoting the Junior-Enterprise movement for giving us the possibility to interact with people from different countries and last but not least giving us the tools to improve our entrepreneurship.

Alone we go fast, together we go far! Together we grow!

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