EIIL to increase its focus on ‘Next Generation Leadership’.


Into its twelfth annual programme of interactive, intense, and often unorthodox, activities, the European Institute for Industrial Leadership (EIIL) has become a unique research, development and thought-leading hub for aspiring industry leaders.

Its methodology, based on a coached approach to ‘learning by doing’, has helped develop more than 750 young talents from its member companies, as well as members from 9 different ExBos amongst more than 100 members of the JADE network.

Once described as a ‘Learning Cooperative’, the EIIL was founded to develop innovative leaders. At the core of the EIIL’s approach is the belief that the same personal and inter-personal skills required for effective leadership apply at all levels of an organisation. The EIIL helps to develop these skills with programme of unique, group-based Masterclass workshops. The EIIL’s coaches and expert guests on these workshops are drawn from its exclusive network of experienced, practicing senior managers from some of Europe’s biggest industrial companies.


Within the context of a business scenario, teams of participants on each workshop are coached to extract the key experiences of several senior managers, and to analyse and assimilate these to develop their own personalised management approach. Building on traditional management development, the workshops equip participants with the means, and the confidence, to address complex, high level problems within their own organisations..

The EIIL also researches into issues which its Members believe will affect their leaders of the future, and last year it concluded a two year research programme “Leading the Connected Generation”. Including opinions from a series of characteristically interactive and participative conferences, the study’s report exposed, as one of its findings, the need for a better mutual understanding and cooperation between all generations in the work place.

The EIIL took steps to further explore this need by enrolling more young future leaders onto its workshops towards the end of 2014. The multi-generational composition of its workshop groups, and additional exercises in the workshops, ensured that all participants emerged with an increased awareness of how they can more effectively engage and cooperate in a workplace environment involving several generations.

10656129_699205280154714_621247690_n“To further increase its knowledge of good inter-generational leadership practices, the EIIL, and its members, have decided to increase, on all of its future workshops, the number of place available to ‘the next generation“ said EIIL Executive Director Steve Price, one of its principal coaches, and a long time member of JADE’s Advisory Board. “From 2015, EIIL’s partnership with JADE will ensure that each of our workshops is open to at least 4 representatives of the ‘next generation’, and we are certain that these will bring with them new insights into how they can make a difference to the workplace of the not too distant future.”

This is a great opportunity for members of the JADE network to work alongside experienced managers from some of Europe’s biggest industrial companies, and to develop some ‘inter-generational’ leadership skills of their own.

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