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For the first time in the history of the event, we have launched a call for Junior Entrepreneurs to assist us in the organisation of JADE Spring Meeting. In order to do that, 12 Junior entrepreneurs will join us in JADE House from the 28th of February for a series of activities and trainings that will walk them through the whole event and prepare them to make JADE Spring Meeting a flawless experience.  Read below a few insights on who they are and why they chose to foster the values of our movement in a unique way:

Tamara Lopez (Spain)

unnamed (4)

I’m the president of Citius J.E, the only Junior Enterprise in Spain that focused its activity on Education. I think that creativity is an essential element in all aspects of my life and I believe that working and learning with others is the best opportunity to grow up.
The Junior Enterprise Network is really a lifestyle. I have had the opportunity to know very important people for me thanks to the network and I consider I may have hit upon the perfect formula to combine what I really love: education and entrepreneurship.
Undoubtedly, to take part in this event supposes an opportunity to extend my horizons, because here is where you actually put into practice what you learn in college. I look forward to continue learning from everything what this movement can bring me.

Elvir Osman (Germany)

DSC04128In my opinion, the Institution of an Junior Enterprise offers a great opportunity to experience teamwork and to learn what is essential for contributing to an collectives´ goal. I have experienced, how valuable it is for me personally to act in an interdisc-plinary environment, working in teams consisting of varies minds & skills developed my sense for accomplishing challenges. I think the JSM will offer the same kind of opportunities, but within an international context and experiencing teamwork in an european context will be a great lesson which I can take with me to the future.

Maria Araslanova (Czech Republic)

QxcCQBNIpq4JADE Spring Meeting is a great opportunity for me to see how everything really works and to meet its representatives in person.  When I have just learned about what JADE does and what are its main objectives,  I decided that it could be an ideal option to challenge myself and to develop the network.  Currently I am in process of the negotiations about creating the first JE in Prague, Czech Republic, that can be an amazing possibility for a lot of students as well as for myself to develop and apply knowledge obtained in university on practice.

Gaia Cravesana(Italy)

image_1Hi everybody, my name is Gaia Cravesana and i’m a 20 year old italian girl. I would define myself as a really sociable and outgoing person. I love travelling both because i get the chance to see new places and also because it’s the perfect way to get to know foreign people (my favorites). In Italy i live in Milan, and i’m the president of JECoMM the JE of the University of Milan. Becoming a member of a JE was definitely one of the best decisions i have taken both for my future and also for myself, i have been learning so much and i’m sure this experience will make a difference in my life.

Taking part to the JADE Spring Meeting is a great way to: learn,have fun and meet new people; i’m pretty sure this is the right mix for a perfect new and always different experience. It’s a great opportunity to learn and to get advices from experts, to meet people with similar interests to yours but with a total different background and of course it’s a really fun and exciting experience. There are too many reasons why i want to take part to the JSM, and for this special occasion i will be a part of the Staff of the event!.

Andre Carvaleira (Portugal) 

unnamed (7)Since 2012 JE movement gave me the opportunity to meet people and have responsabilities I wouldn’t have other way like organizing 8 tech, entrepreneurship and training events, being podcaster on and managing 9 projects for clients including websites, APPs and communication plans.

Being part of JSM staff while working with people from so many different countries will be another challenge I wanted to embrace! In 2014 I was also responsible for Coimbra’s application for organizing JADE October Meeting 2014 (we lost) and Summer JADE Meeting 2015 (we won! WOW!). Currently working on jeKnowledge as CEO and on medical devices at a portuguese leading company, Exatronic.

Andre Pereira (Portugal)

unnamed (10)“I’m André Pereira, a passionate and open-minded management student from the University of Coimbra in Portugal. Over my academic experience, I was given the opportunity to run a junior enterprise in which I developed a real taste for entrepreneurship, innovation and project management. I was part of many work teams, first as a member and then as a leader, that gave me a completely different view about management and success in the modern day organization. I believe that being part of JEEFEUC taught me that the most valuable assets of an organization are its people, without whom no great idea can be taken out of paper.

My convictions tell me that the most successful people are the ones who can really see the future before everyone else and to do so, I always try to be a keen observer, learning about every aspect of life and always listening to everyone’s opinion.

That being said, I think that working in the organization of JADE Spring Meeting will help me to learn even more about team management as well as provide me with some high-value international experience. Looking forward to meeting you in Brussels,

Diogo Bastos (Portugal)

IMG_9530I become a member of jeKnowledge about 2 years ago. I entered to the innovation department and now I am the communication manager. One of the most rewarding projects that I was responsible for was the renovation of the internal communication.

My main motivation to go to Brussels is to get some experience before the summer meeting in order to make the best event I can.
I have also never attended to a Jade event and this is a great opportunity to.

Sergiu Nelepcu (Romania)

unnamed (13)I am Sergiu Nelepcu, the International Relations Ambassador for BOS Romania. Alongside with my team, I decide the strategy for promoting inovative international activities, and at the same time I am the one that connects the Junior Entreprise with the international environment, exposing them to all the opportunities that come with our affiliation at the JADE network.

Last year I was part of the Sales team and part of the organizing team for our projects dedicated to entrepreneurship,1sEP  and I also was part of the team put National Meeting together. Being a part of the team that organizes this year`s Spring Meeting means taking the experience to the next level and working in a multicultural environment with other Junior Entrepreneurs to ensure that we will make this Spring Meeting an unforgettable experience for all the participants.

Rita Figuiredo (Portugal)

unnamed (5)22 year biomedical engineering student at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Been working in jeKnowledge for a year and a half. Developed skills in quality management and organizing events. Currently organizing ‘Summer Jade Meeting’ reason why working in the staff for ‘Jade Spring Meeting’ in Brussels will be of the utmost importance.

Inga Sobiechowska (Poland)

unnamed (11)Hi! My name is Inga, I come from Poland. During last year I was Vice-President and Finance& Enlargement Manager of Jade Poland. We are a group of three junior enterprises from Warsaw, Cracow and Poznan. I have been a member of JE’s called PBDA Consulting for two years, specially I work in finance team. Moreover, I study at University of Economics in Poznan. I had a pleasure to organise Jade National Meeting in Poland last year. Because of my willingness to progress, I decided to be a part of Jade’s event once again, this time wider and stronger- here in Brussels. My foreign language skills are English and German, so don’t hesitate to ask me for help. I am glad to meet all of you, european Jade confederations soon!

Mara Pitiga (Romania)

unnamed (2)Hello! My name is Mara and I come from Romania. I am part of Business Organisation for Students and my activity started this year in the Marketing Department – Creative Division. So far, I was involved in 2 online and offline campaigns, I am a member of the UPgrade team (which is an internal project) and at the moment I help the International Relations team to create a project regarding JADE for our organisation.
Even tough i don’t have a vast experience with the network i still had the chance to get in touch with people that represent JADE through the Junior Enterprise that i am a part of and I came to the conclusion that I am strongly connected to the cause of this event and these are the type of people that inspire me to become a better version of myself. Such a project represents a challenge for me, which keeps me motivated and makes me wish to help JADE team to host a successful event. I am enthusiastic for the JADE Spring Meeting 2015 because it is an opportunity for me to help developing the network which connects people that share the same values and goals.

Rim Houas (Tunisia)

unnamed (1)Rim Houas,21 years old participant from Tunisia. I am an engineering student majoring in Electronic and communication . I’m currently a very active member in the Enet’com Junior Enterprise .I’m a very ambitious person who likes taking risks to achieve pioneering results. It’s the presence of others who are smarter, kinder, wiser, and different from you that enables you to evolve. Those are the members of JE, the people to surround yourself with at all times. This opportunity is crucial for me because this will help me fulfill my dreams and I will most definitely be a strong asset to the group in charge of this event! I like working in teams and interacting with people from different backgrounds. I will try my best to share my knowledge and be open to as many questions as possible. I will also set the example to other people and I will be the best embassador for Tunisia.

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