Meet Marketing Méditerranée, winner of The Most Socially Responsible Junior Enterprise Award in 2014

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Who are you?

Click to download Marketing Mediterranee English brochure

Click to download Marketing Mediterranee English brochure

We are Marketing Méditerranée, the Junior Enterprise of KEDGE Business School located in Marseille, France.

Founded in 1969, we are a Junior Consultants Agency offering consulting services to major companies, public administrations and startup entrepreneurs. Our portfolio of activities includes: Marketing, Communication, Sustainable Development, Strategy, Audit, Finance, Human Resources and Design. We conduct around 60 projects per year and we had a turnover of 505 000 € in 2014.

What mainly differentiates us from the other JEs is our reactivity and adaptability to all kind of projects. We conduct national and international projects on several months with a warranty of high quality work. This allowed us to have the best ranking of all Junior Enterprises, both at a national and international scale: 5 French Excellence Awards and 5 JADE Excellence Awards.

Since the early 2000’s, we conduct international projects for our clients and we are also very focused on sustainable development, thanks to our brand Marketing Méditerranée Environnement.

Why did you participate at the Excellence Awards?

For the challenge of course! Competing to International and National awards is a real motto for Marketing Méditerranée. Indeed, in order to give a better visibility to our specialization in sustainable development, we decided in March 2014 to participate in the Excellence Awards for the Most Socially Responsible Junior Enterprise. Participating in the JADE Excellence Awards is also a really good way to involve our freshmen in the European movement of Junior Enterprises.

How was applying for the EA? 

Last year, after the publication of the EA instructions, we decided that the Most Socially Responsible Junior Enterprise Award came to us as the perfect fitting award.

The communication manager and I tried to use infographics to make a very well designed presentation. It took us a lot of time but we truly enjoyed it. We let our creativity go and we felt very enthusiastic in doing it!

I presented the EA with the sales manager of Marketing Méditerranée in the European Parliament. What an amazing experience! The really good thing is that we got a personal training from Monique Blokzyl, a serial entrepreneur who was invited by JADE to deliver workshops on entrepreneurship during the event. It was a great opportunity to make our speech perfect!

At last, when JADE called us for the presentation, we were so stressed. But, once you are on stage, facing about 300 Junior Entrepreneurs from all over Europe and that you start delivering your speech, it is so enjoyable, so exciting!

What was the impact of wining the EA?

It enabled us to promote our Brand Marketing Méditerranée Environnement, particularly on our website. Having such a strong sales argument is a really good way to communicate towards our clients and prospects. Our CSR brand gained a lot of visibility and it had a huge impact on our CSR projects during the year.

But more than this, it was a challenge that we achieved as a team. During internship interviews, it is such a great experience to tell. It is a lifetime memory!

JADE Remise des Prix

Are you going to apply again? And why?

Of course! We always want to challenge ourselves with new goals and new awards to win. It was such an amazing experience the first time that we want to feel the thrill again! For the JADE Spring Meeting 2015, we applied for the Junior Enterprise of the Year Award and the Most Social Responsible Project Award. Let’s see what will be the outcome of this new adventure!

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