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First time in Brussels? Follow our advice to get the right way to our hotels. You will be hosted in one of the two hotels for Spring Meeting, Hotel Siru and Hotel des Colonies, which are next to each other in Rogier square. The reception will be made in Hotel des Colonies, but we are using hotel Siru as a main landmark.


By train

Brussels Airport is an international airport northeast of Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

When you arrive to this airport, you have to buy a train ticket for € 8.6 in the last ground floor from Zaventem to Brussels Nord.

When you leave the train in Nord Station, then you have to go to Rogier / Centrum direction and in front of you, you will see Siru hotel almost at the end of the street. However, you can also look for Sheraton Hotel because is really popular and the main sight in the area.

By bus

Another easy way to get to Rogier is by bus. it takes 45 minutes with bus 272 that comes every 30 minutes. There are 30 stops, but the bus leaves you right besides the hotel.

Besides, you can take a taxi from the airport to the hotel, but you have to pay around € 25
Finally, the time estimated is around 30 minutes since you take the train until your arrival at the hotel.



Charleroi is a little village a bit far away from Brussels, around 40-50 minutes by car. Our recommendation in the following:
When you arrive to the Airport, you have to buy a bus ticket for the Brussels City Shuttle (that comes every 20 minutes), near the exit in the airport:

One trip, simple ticket is € 13
Both trips, simple ticket is € 22

You can buy the ticket here.

Then, when you take the bus you will spend around 1 hour to reach Gare Du Midi Station.
After one hour, you are in Brussels! However, you need around 30 more minutes more to join us. In Gare du Midi, you have to take a metro just
5 minutes walking from the bus stop. You will have to walk through the train station (there are two possible ways) so, if you get lost, do not hesitate to ask for the Gare du Midi metro station.

The ticket costs € 2,10 and you have to take these lines: 2 or 6 and leave the metro in Rogier station.
In Rogier, you have to go to Centrum Exit and then, you will be in the city centre! Just 2 more minutes walking and you will be with us.
Finally, the time estimated is around 1h 50 minutes since you take the bus in Charleroi until your arrival at the hotel.

The main train stations:
Central Station  
Carrefour de l’Europe 2 – 1000
South Station 
rue de France 2 – 1070
For London: Eurostar
For Paris: Thalys
For France: TGV
North Station  
rue du Progrès 85 – 1210
For Amsterdam
Luxembourg Station 
place du Luxembourg – 1040
For Luxembourg
Schuman Station  
Rond-point Schuman  – 1040

Serves European institutions.

Metro map:

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