Meet ConQuest, Most Entrepreneurial Junior Enterprise at 2014 Excellence Awards


ConQuest Consulting team

Who are you?

ConQuest Consulting is the oldest and most developed Junior Enterprise in Poland. Our office is located in the capital city, Warsaw. Since 1998 we have been providing professional advisory services including market, consumer trend  and competition analysis, marketing strategies and expansion strategies. We have already carried out over 550 projects for 450 different clients.

We combine our 17 years of experience and knowledge to create innovative solutions for businesses from different sectors. Our offer responds to the needs of local entrepreneurs as well as to public sector and international corporations. We deliver value for our clients and support them in different areas of business activity in order to help them make successful decisions and increase their revenues.


Why did you participate in the Excellence Awards?

We decided to apply because we are proud of our skilled, hardworking and ambitious team and we wanted to gain international recognition. ConQuest Consulting carries out 50-60 commercial projects per year and is highly engaged in spreading entrepreneurial spirit among young people through organizing workshops for students and cooperation with academic staff, that is why we chose the category “Most Entrepreneurial JE”.


How was applying for the Excellence Awards?

The application was prepared by one of our most experienced Project Managers. It took him around a week to prepare the material. The most challenging task was to transform loads of information such as our mission and vision, most interesting data about commercial projects, clients and achievements in 2013 into a 5-minute presentation.

Delivering the presentation in the European Parliament in front of jury, panelists and Junior Entrepreneurs from all over Europe is a unique experience. It’s a great chance to build self-confidence and enhance public speech skills.


What was the impact of wining the Excellence Awards?

Winning the Excellence Awards was a great honour for the whole ConQuest team and at the same time a great incentive to work even harder in the upcoming year. It also enabled us to gain more international visibility and recognition.  We won the application for organizing JADE October Meeting 2014 and had a chance to welcome all JADE confederations in Warsaw during the event. Besides, after JADE Spring Meeting we began to receive more offers of partnerships and business proposals from foreign JEs.


Are you going to apply again?

Yes, 2014 was a very successful year for us and we are considering applying in even more categories at JADE Spring Meeting 2015. We highly recommend every JE to give it a try – satisfaction guaranteed!

And you? are you ready to live such an amazing expirience? –> Apply for the 2015 edition

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