Excellence Awards Interview: JEst (JADE Italia)

Last year’s Excellence Awards brought some very interesting Junior Enterprises form all the corners of Europe into the spotlight, on the stage of the grand opening of JADE Spring Meeting 2014. Their commitment to foster the entrepreneurial spirit that JADE promotes got them immediate interest from their fellow Junior Entrepreneurs. For this edition we are bringing you a few insights from the winners of last year, starting with JEst, winner of Most Innovative and Creative Project Award.


Who are you?

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”

This is JEst- Junior Enterprise of the Engineering and Management Students of Vicenza, a non-profit organization founded on the initiative of 24 students on May 5th, 1993 in the University of Padua detachment in Vicenza. The association is composed and maintained exclusively by university students that represent the strength and the soul of the association.

This is maybe the main difference from the other JEs: the fact  that before being collagues, we are a tight-knit team of friends. The association aims to make its members grow through projects with entrepreneurial spirit, passion and inventiveness. Thanks to several team building activities, we are continuously improving in teamwork, in which merit and quality of individuals are enhanced by the exchange of ideas.


Why did you participate in the Excellence Awards?


2014 Edition

We decided to introduce Becoming Manager  for  the Exellence Awards because we were aware of the effectiveness of our project in terms of  teamwork, humility, passion and perseverance. We chose the category “Best Creative and Innovative Project” because of the innovative format we implemented that was based on students’ motivation. Becoming Manager is characterized by two moments: the Business Game and Speed Interview.

Many  students signed up to participate but only few of them could  take  part to  the competition, the ones able to pass the three-step selection model. These steps let us identify the most brilliant and motivated  candidates who are selected through the analysis of their skills.


How was applying for the Excellence Awards?

Applying for the Excellence Awards was a really challenging task. The application had been prepared by two members of our JE and it took almost a month to complete it. Of course we had  lots of information as regards our best practice, but during the preparation we looked for more interesting data and facts: for example we did a little “instant survey” between all the participants of the project two months before the application.

Speech at the European Parlament

Speech at the  Parlament

As a result of this, we were able to present ourselves in the best way at the European Parliament. About this speaking an such an amazing location was exciting and challenging at the same time because it was a unique chance to present our JE in front of more than 200 Junior Entrepreneurs coming from all Europe and in front of the important jury.


What was the impact of wining the Excellence Awards?

Winning the Excellence Awards allowed us to reach different goals, one of them  is getting the Students Interest: thanks to newspaper articles a lot of students approached JEst to go further simple academic experience willing  to face new challenges that we proved  we were able to handle.

Also we gained a lot of Visibility afforded by winning. The prize gave us the chance to go beyond the edges of University improving our network and creating new work opportunities.

But the most important result was the Gratification: this had been the result of our effort, a group of students who decide to invest their time to develop a common project; feel the appreciation let you forget the sweat poured and give you the strength to aim higher results and this is what we try to do every day.


How did you continue your development after winning?

After Bruxelles we modify the project increasing the number of client and improving details, this for ensure a high quality service to both companies and students.

This year we proposed it on 15th December ‘14 and it had been a success again.


Are you going to apply again?

We are thinking about applying again at JADE Spring Meeting 2015, this because we strongly believe that this is a great opportunity to spot light on your JE and to grow as individual. We suggest this experience to everyone.




And you? are you ready to live such an amazing expirience? –> Apply for the 2015 edition

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